Summer Internships for High School Students

For most seniors, a summer internship is the last thing on one’s mind.

However, multiple organizations, both government and private offer internship opportunities to high school scholars, especially those about to graduate. As a senior, these opportunities represent perfect platforms where one can begin acquiring much-needed experience in fields of interest while also establishing networks with professionals already in the field. What’s more, the top college programs are increasingly taking into account how potential applicants spend their summers in determining who gets an enrolment letter to their institution. With this in mind, here are some of the top institutions where you can score a cool internship, while still in high school.

The Leading Tech Companies

Both Microsoft and Google offer high school internship programs in their organisation. Accordingly, either of these firms would offer the perfect Launchpad into careers focusing on the STEM subjects namely (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). With each internship program to, students get to acquire invaluable hands-on experience on the job by completing various tasks including some challenging STEM-related projects.

Healthcare Related Internships

Various health institutions offer high school internships to students keen to pursue careers in health sciences. The Johns Hopkins CARES program is one such summer internship program that targets underrepresented seniors intending to inspire them to pursue careers in medicine, public health and science. The Kaiser LAUNCH Program offers yet another internship opportunity for high school seniors’ intent on pursuing a career in healthcare. The program runs for eight weeks at a time, where each student receives practical experience while also being paid the minimum wage throughout the internship. However, this program is also reserved for the most deserving students who would otherwise not have access to enough resources to pursue a career in healthcare.

The CIA and the US Secret Service

An internship with the former government organization allows you a glimpse into the intelligence world, and the operations carried out by one of the government’s most revered institutions. The Secret Service, on its part, could provide you first-hand experience on the operations that go into being the ultimate security team, and what it takes to secure the country’s leaders, in the spirit of law enforcement. Both opportunities require a student to be intent on pursuing an undergraduate program.

National Space Agency (NASA)

The country’s space program offers internships for high schoolers of at least 16 years of age, at the Goddard Space Centre. Accordingly, sophomores, seniors and even some juniors can apply to take part in research and other modes of practical learning under the mentoring hand of a scientist within the Agency. The program represents an invaluable opportunity for young adults interested in STEM subject areas to advance kick-start their careers by working with NASA at either of the four campuses that run the Internship program namely; Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia and New York.

All in all, there are numerous other internship programs available for high school students from countless organizations. These opportunities represent best coursework writing service the perfect opportunities to begin your journey into independence, campus life, and the prospective careers you have longed for to this day. So put your best foot forward, and apply to as many internship programs when the opportunity next presents itself.